Solutions to the puzzles in the previous post

If you have not solved the puzzles at the end of the post “Why do I call them Insight Miners?” here are the solutions.

Puzzle1: Suppose you are given a candle, a match box and a set of pins/tacks. Your job is to light the room by attaching the candle to a wall.

Solution: Empty the matches, fix the match-stick tray on the wall with pins/tacks, light the candle and affix on the tray.


Puzzle 2: Connect the nine dots without lifting the pencil and using no more than four lines. The nine dots are in three exactly parallel rows with each row having three dots.


nine dots

In the above solution, there is another form of functional fixedness that has cropped in. Further, there is a possibility to connect them with three lines instead of four. Anybody who solves these two problems gets a free dekko of my next post.

Puzzle 3: Connect the three words – aid, rubber, wagon. Answer: Band. More here.

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