You may build castles in the air…if Big Data is the foundation!! App 2

Big data can enable some very fundamental business model shifts thereby unlocking big value. I am cataloging here, in a series of posts, what might appear to be abjectly crazy but possible business applications…

One books a movie ticket in one window of a browser / app, restaurant in another and a cab in yet another. Similarly, after some laborious deal searches, one opts for a flight, hotel, car on rent, etc.all in different portals. The key point is one’s data is in silos. (just an imaginary url) may actually integrate most of your digital demands and go further to predict the entertainment (movie or drama or theater or music concert? if a movie, then a Rajnikanth or a Kamal Hasan starer?). It may proceed to suggest a restaurant and cuisine based on latest medical indicators of your family. The cab need not be the usual one but the one that is trending or reviewed to be the best in service.

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