How to ignore Big Data & Analytics?

Well… the truth is one can’t. 🙂 But we could focus on aspects that are important and ignore the rest? Yes!

I greet you all to the sieve of all and sundry of Big Data & Analytics.

In my 25 years of experience, it is probably the last 15 years I have experienced Analytics as a profession for businesses across the globe. I have grappled with early fears not just of the subject but also of the vastness. Focus helped be to understand the important aspects of:

  • creation of a strategic plan for data warehouse that is aligned to the business vision and KPIs.
  • tricks in selection and deployment of reporting tools that business can use for creating dashboards, drill downs, analytics, real time monitoring, alerts, etc.
  • sustainable insights creation that change the businesses eternally for the better.
  • deftness in deployment of statistical modelling techniques, including predictive analytics.
  • leveraging large data for marketing campaigns, especially Enterprise-wide Marketing Management.
  • recognizing when one is in facing Big Data and moving fast to leverage it for one’s competitive advantage.

So let’s start.

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