Big Data & Business Intelligence: no more strange bedfellows

Big Data is mostly about voluminous, high velocity & unstructured data (e.g. data from web search strings, social, sensors, etc.) and Business Intelligence is usually about structured data (e.g. sales, number of tele-calls, market-share, etc.).  In most of the last decade these two were seen as rather incompatible and strange-bedfellows. But no more.

A press release about IDC’s Worldwide Software Tracker suggests that worldwide the software market grew just about moderately positive: a little around 5.5%.  However, compelling utility of Big Data is fueling higher growth rates in technologies that deal with the structured data: (1) Advanced Analytics Software and Database Management Systems (DBMS), and (2) Content Applications (Search and Content Analytics). Both clocked nearly 10% growth. Why is it so?

Compelling human tendency to categorize and provide structure to what we see, hear, touch, smell & taste, could not have kept Big Data in the realms of unstructured zone for long. So the technologies that grew are the ones that provide some structure to the unstructured. Moreover, whether it is a handful of rice or a sack full of it, we cook them both pretty much the same way.

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